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Nearer to Nature

Felting (Picture/Sculpture/Jewellery) Workshop

Cost: $35 per student (Min. 12)

Time: 3 Hours


The felting workshop can be tailored to suit students ranging from K-Yr12. Younger students, K- 3, will use art and design techniques to create a picture from sheep’s wool felt.

As well as a felted picture, students groups Yr 4 – 8 can also choose to create a simple felt sculpture. This will give them the opportunity to design and create in a 3 dimensional format.

Yrs 9-12 can be challenged with a more complex picture using heavier layering, intricate 3D sculptures or felted jewellery. All of these provide the students with a more sophisticated understanding of the material and the design process.

This workshop address’s the art and design principles of shape, form, texture, colour, pattern, balance, and harmony.