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Nearer to Nature
Nearer to Nature

Ephemeral (Bush) Sculpture Workshop

Cost: $17 per student (Min. 12)

Time: 3 Hours


Ephemeral Art is art that is transitory, existing only briefly. During this workshop, students will collect and use nature materials found in the surrounding bush to create artworks that will, over time, disintegrate back into the environment from which they came.

Students will be able to choose from a number of places around the FHC building and walk trails to create their artwork. As well as using found bush materials, they may also use fully biodegradable materials like natural fibre strings, sand, charcoal etc.

As well as developing student’s art and design processes this workshop will also help them to develop a great appreciation for the natural environment.

This workshop will address the art and design elements and principles of colour, texture, form, shape, balance, movement, line, unity and conflict, and repetition.