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Retail Shop and Gallery

Forest Discovery Centre provides an Art Gallery and Retail Shop for artisans and artists to show and sell their fine wood and art to our visitors.


We stock a variety of beautiful and unique wares. Great gifts for all occasions or just a gorgeous purchase for yourself.


We are continously updating our stock and encourage any artisans/artists who would like to display/sell their wares in our gallery and retail shop to please contact us.


Forest Discovery Centre is a not for profit organisation, and takes goods on consignment.


Currently in our Art Gallery:


Labyrinth Art

Kelly Baker of Labyrinth Art is a creator, a wife, a mum, a daughter and a unique individual. She simply loves to create memories, pieces of art and imagery everyday. Kelly has a passion for photography and image production.


With a vastly creative eye, her camera is her personal portal to allow the world to see a personal side of her that influences her unique creations. Kelly loves to bring together a technical side and a creative side and watching the magic appear.




Em's Midnight Garden

Emma McLevie is an artist who uses papercutting as a medium through which to express her fascination with the natural world. 
She created Em’s Midnight Garden to explore the vision of a place that is wild, mysterious and alluring, and where a sense of re-enchantment and emotional identification with non-human life might be awakened. 

Using recurring imagery of owls, moths, fungi and other living being she feels a personal connection to she explores the idea that as humans we are connected to all other living things on earth – and that if we open our eyes, we may realise that the natural world is all around us.

Paper has a delicate and transitory quality in a similar way to that of small wild creatures. Each piece, which has been drawn in intricate detail, hand-cut from a single sheet of paper and float-mounted in a shadow box, has a presence which beckons you into its nocturnal world.